What is Keyword Stuffing and how it affects SEO?

Do you know what is Keyword Stuffing? and how it affects SEO? If you want to know how to stop it means how to avoid keyword spamming. You will get all this information in this article.

Every blogger wants that how both his blog and post should appear on the first page of Google. But for this, he likes to take the help of SEO because a little bit everyone knows that the page can be easily ranked with SEO.

Keyword research also has to be kept in mind in SEO. Then in its turn, the keywords are used in the wrong way and again and again in the post. For this reason, the rank of Blogger's site and the rank of the post becomes down. Income also makes a difference. There is only one reason behind all this, which I will talk about in this article.

What's the delay, let's learn something new about blogging today.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

What is Keyword Stuffing and how it affects SEO?

Keyword stuffing is a technique to rank the page incorrectly and bring it to the first page in Google. In which is a blogger page content and meta tags, the same phrase or which we and you speak the target keyword, it is repeated in the middle of the content of the page by artificial means.

To rank the page first in the search result. In this way, the traffic of the site can also be increased. But it only works for some time.

Now take an example "How to earn money from blogging, blogging should be done by everyone nowadays, you will have to wait a lot to be successful in the field of blogging. You can do a lot in blogging in less time. Now here you must have seen how many times the blogging word has been used.

This is what we and you can call Keyword stuffing. If the same sentence is being used repeatedly to rank you, then it does not make any difference to call this keyword spamming.

The keyword is nothing else, this is the question that the user searches in the search engine. This technique is against Google Guide Lines. Or you can also speak Unethical SEO techniques. If I say this in my language, "The best way to rank the page incorrectly is. But in today's time, this method cannot last long in front of Google's expert algorithm.

Where does Blogger do Keyword Stuffing?

Now you need to know that where you can repeat a word or phrase. Well, there are two special places where a blogger makes this mistake. One is inside the content and the other inside the meta tag. Apart from this, there are two more places. where it makes a mistake. There is a possibility of keyword stuffing in the page URL and post title here as well.

Let us know about it in detail.

1. Inside the blogger or content writer page, where keywords should be kept within 1% to 2%. There it uses 5% to 10% of the words in the SERP affair. This mistake Blogger means you get very expensive. Do great quality content and focus on what the users want.

2. The meta tag is also called description in a blog spot. Here B Blogger starts using keywords again and again. This is where the mistake starts but is it right, no. For this, write about what is in the content in the meta tags. If possible, write within 140 to 160 words in the description itself.

3. Even in the post title, some bloggers make mistakes. In this too, some writers use the phrase 2 to 3 times and increase the density of the keyword.

4. There are chances of spamming words in the page title too. But do you know that bloggers also use the Focus word 2 to 3 times in the page title?

How Keyword Stuffing Affects SEO and Rank

By now you must have come to know what is Keyword spamming. Now it is very important for you to also know whether it is really Dangerous for SEO. Or can Google get your site Banned or Penalized? So the answer to all this is yes. Why did you get shocked? Now listen carefully to what can happen. When you use this method. Know one by one.

1. Whatever you have paid attention to SEO on your article, it will all become useless.

2. You will also be new thinking how far your post will go out of the search engine.

3. Your post has not been shown in SERP.

4. Due to its excessive use, the site can also be penalized by google.

5. If you are repeating keywords repeatedly then your site is likely to be blocked for temporary or permanent.

6. Readers find it boring to read the post and they will never read your post again.

7. The article becomes boring by using this.

Now the era has changed, this is not the time when Blogger used to rank the post on the 1st page very easily with the help of keyword stuffing. Google is not mad.

Why do Blogger Keyword Stuffing?

This is a very funny question, every new blogger wants to know why. So know that even after reading this article, some people will make the same mistake again. One, if you want to make a good income within a short time. So some bloggers think this is a good way. Thirdly, if you want to bring your post on the first page within a short time, then this is a good way. Because after some time the position of the page will not be visible anywhere.

Some people enjoy making Google an owl, so they use this method. But in the end, I would like to preach that all this is temporary, after some time the rank will also go away automatically. The position of the post will go out of google search.

How to Avoid and Prevent Keyword Stuffing

Now it is very important to know this because some write good content and in a natural way, but do you know that post still does not appear in google search. Knowingly unknowingly, they become a seeker of this technique.

We will discuss it one by one.

1. Write the post as naturally as possible, neither do you have to pay attention to the keyword, nor do you have to pay attention to any other way. When you start writing such a quality article, your keywords will automatically be added.

2. Keyword Density and Keyword Stuffing are directly linked to each other. Meaning that the higher the keyword density, the keyword stuffing will also increase. That's why my opinion to all of you is that keep the density from 1% to 2%.

3. Do not make the most boring. What I mean to say is that when your post will be boring when you start using the phrase or words repeated again and again meaning more than the limit.

4. Pay more attention to LSI keywords rather than target words that people search. LSI means using the closest word to the people who search. Or those who are called Synonyms (Pratisab) in English. Like how to make a train ticket from IRCTC. How to book a second online train ticket. How to book a ticket to travel on the third train. Use targeted words like this.

5. Always write the complete content so that you can give complete information about it and the related topic should also come under the same post.

6. If necessary, use keywords in all the headings, otherwise do not.

7. In the meta tag or description, write your content by summarizing, never repeat the B phrase in it. You can use LSI.

8. Write more User-Friendly content on High-Quality Content. In the end, I will say that write something in such a way that you should never be banned by Google or never remain in the position of the post first. Think more about what the user needs.

Is keyword stuffing SPAM?

Yes, keyword stuffing is SPAM. In this, you deliberately use more keywords in your content so that it ranks on the search result. That's why we can call it spamming.

What does Keyword Spamming mean?

Keyword Spamming is also a kind of Keyword stuffing. In this too, we deliberately use more and more keywords so that they can rank on Google. Even though it may rank your article in a short time, but after some time it has a very bad effect on your web site.


So friends, today's information is very important for every new and old blogger. Because whatever is mentioned in it, what is keyword stuffing and how is it Danger for SEO. If anything is helpful from this article, then it is good for me. But if you are a blogger then do not think for the short term, always think about the long-term goals. You are giving your time, why not complete it.

Hope you must have liked this article, how did you feel, you must tell by commenting below. If you want to ask any questions now, then definitely write in the comment box below. And if you want to give any suggestion, then definitely give it so that we can do something new for you.

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