Computer Basic Knowledge

Whenever a person is asked that do you know computer? So people would often answer this question that yes I know computers. But when they are asked about Basic Knowledge of Computer, they are often silent.

Yes, it is absolutely true that today computer comes to many people but very few people keep Computer Fundamental in Hindi in their mind. This information is such that without knowing it, no person can become an export to the computer.

That is why if you want to study deeply in computer or want to have a good hold on the computer then you must have basic knowledge of computer then only you can become an export. In this article, we have told the general knowledge about computer in very easy words, so definitely read it completely.

You must know very well the answer to the question “what is a computer and what is its use”. That's why go ahead and know about such things that you might not know.

Basic Knowledge of Computer

Basic knowledge of computer or key is general knowledge about computer. In today's modern era, where most of the work is done by machine, the computer is also used in many places.

Computer Basic Knowledge

Therefore, here we will introduce you to some very important computer basic knowledge in Hindi.

What is the full form of a computer?

The word computer is made up of 8 alphabets. Talking about the full form of computer, the full form of computer is Common Oriented Machine.

Particularly United and used under Technical and Educational Research.

How does the computer work?

The computer works with the help of both hardware and software devices. Hardware is called those parts of the computer which we can physically touch and with the help of which we can give information and data to the computer. CPU ie central processing unit is the most important part of any hardware. in hardware

Software is not a physical part of a computer, but software can be easily stored in other physical mediums like hard disk, CD, pen drive, ROM. Software is called the programs and instructions of the computer, with the help of which the hardware of the computer works.

What are the types of software?

There are two types of software similar to what we all do in the computer.

1. System software

2. Applications software

System Software – System Software is that software. With the help of which the overall performance and operation of the computer are controlled. There are also 4 types of system software. Their name is

i. Operating System

ii. Device Drivers

iii. Language Processor

iv. Utility Software

Application Software – Application software is that software. With the help of which special tasks are performed. Application software includes MS word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.

What is an Operating System?

Operating System is a system that coordinates between hardware and software. Hardware and software work properly only because of the operating system. The operating system is of two types –

GUI – The full name of GUI is Graphical User Interface. It refers to the graphic system of the computer.

CUI – The full name of CUI is Character User Interface. In this operating system, commands have to be given to perform any work.

How many parts are there of the computer?

Due to the different parts of the computer, the computer completes any work properly. There are four important parts of a computer –

Input device - Input devices are devices with the help of which data and information are inserted into the computer. The input device includes a monitor, keyboard, mouse, camera, etc.

Processing device – Processing devices are devices with the help of which any information or data is accessed or processed. The processing device includes CPU, memory, and motherboard.

Output Device – The device which receives the processed data from the computer and converts it into another form, it is called an Output device. The printer is the biggest example of such a device.

Storage devices – These are devices in which the processed data and information are stored in the computer. Such a device is called a storage device. This device includes USB, Pen Drive, Memory Card, External Drives, etc.

Computer Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

If you run a computer! And you are not aware of the shortcut keys of the keyboard of the computer. So there is no point in you coming to the computer. That is why below we are going to tell you about some very useful keyboard shortcut keys.

Alt + Tab= With the help of this shortcut key, any program file can be minimized.

Alt + F4= This shortcut key is used to turn off the computer.

Window + D= With the help of this shortcut key, all the tabs can be minimized.

F12= File can be saved with the help of this shortcut key.

Ctrl + S= With the help of this shortcut key, the file can be saved easily.

Ctrl + N= With the help of this shortcut key, a new document is opened.

This shortcut key is used to place Ctrl + D Bookmark.

Ctrl + X= Any text can be cut with the help of this shortcut key.

Ctrl + A= With the help of this shortcut key, the entire text is selected.

What is basic knowledge about computers?

Such information related to the computer which is very common, that is, everyone should know about it. Such basic information is called computer basic knowledge.

When was the computer invented?

In 1822, Charles Babbage invented the mechanical computer called the "Differential Engine".


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