How to earn money from Instagram Reels?

So, friends, it is being seen these days that a lot more people are liking to watch short videos and in such a situation, just a few months ago, a new short video platform has been released on Instagram, which is named Instagram Reels.

Here you can upload videos up to 30 seconds like Tik Tok or other short video platforms, and this is also new, so Instagram is giving a lot of reach to video creators on this.

So if you are also a video creator or want to make videos to earn money online, then you too can earn a lot of money by using Instagram Reels.

How to earn money from Instagram Reels?

Most of the people who are reading this blog of ours are earning money with the help of blogging or YouTube channel. But now it will also happen that you may be working on YouTube or Blog but you will not be able to earn money from there.

So you guys can earn money by making Instagram Reels like the rest of the people, I will not ask you to make Lipsync Videos here. Because thousands of people must be making videos like this.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram in a short time, then you have to make some such reels videos that no one is making or very few people are making that kind of videos.

The way YouTube has their Monetization Partner Program, Instagram does not have any Monetization Partner Program, but you too have 7-8 such ways by which you can earn up to lakhs of rupees.

I have told you about all these things below.

How to earn money from Instagram Reels?

How to start making reels video?

By now you must have come to know that if you want to grow your Instagram page, then you must upload Reels Video for that. But what kind of video should be made so that the page grows in the least time.

There are many such pages on Instagram which are uploading regular videos but still, their followers are not increasing and neither are the views and likes coming on their Instagram reels.

So these people make some mistakes due to which they are not able to grow their page. So let's know about the first step to grow Instagram page:-

1. Decide Your Niche

If you are going to start any of these work like Blogging, YouTube, or Instagram, then first of all you have to choose that you want to create related videos from the topic.

Because this is the most important work, often people give this mistake, they do not first decide on Niche and make videos on different topics on their page and that is why they are not able to get Reach on the video or else,

Views come on some videos, but more videos will be such that only 100-500 views will come. If you want Active Followers on your page, then, first of all, you have to choose some topics about which you have good knowledge and you can also make videos on them.

I am telling you some topics on which you can start your Instagram page and start earning money by making reels videos.

1. Fact

2. Comedy

3. Dance

4. Motivation

5. Singing

6. Beauty Tips

7. Workout Tips

8. Finance

9. Study

10. Apps Reviews Or Gadget Reviews

So these are some topics from my side on which you can start earning money online by creating your Instagram page.

2. Write 50+ Reels Ideas

When you have chosen Niche for your Instagram Page, after that you have to do one more important thing that you have to write 50+ Video Ideas related to the same topic i.e. before you create Instagram Page,

Topics of 50+ videos have to be written on a copy or on Notepad. This has to be done because one, you will have a lot of content already, later you just have to make their videos,

And secondly, there are some topics on which we are not able to create much content, if we are already writing content and we get only 10-15 video topics for that niche, then creating an Instagram page on that niche. will not be correct.

So try your best that you already write 50+ Topics of VIdeo and make regular videos on them and then how soon your page can grow.

If you are not able to find Reels Video Topics according to your Niche, then you can go to Google and search “Finance Reels Ideas”, in the same way you will also get Reels Videos of your Niche.

How to earn money from Instagram Reels?

Then when you get 50+ Reels Video Topics, then when you upload those videos to Instagram Reels after recording and editing, then you must use all the necessary Hashtag for that.

By doing this, the reach of your reels video increases slightly, and the chances of the video becoming viral also increase. So if you also do not use Hashtag of any kind in Reels Video, then definitely use Hashtag for whatever niche your Instagram page is.

Ways to earn money from Instagram Reels:-

I have tried my best in this article to give you complete information about Instagram Reels, so here I am here to help you from choosing Niche to Instagram Reels Video Viral or how to increase views on Instagram Reels Videos?

Complete information has been given about all these things, hope you are understanding everything. Let us now know about the ways of earning money through reels:-

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the only way that you can earn money from Affiliate Marketing by working on any of these platforms like YouTube, Blog, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts. (How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?)

To earn money from this, you must have a Targeted Audience, and in any way you just have to promote the products, then if the Audience buys any product from your given link, then you will get some commission from that product. goes.

In this way, promote any one product through your Reels Video and give the Affiliate Link of that product in your Bio. Then whoever had to buy that product will buy it by clicking on the Affiliate Link given by you.

So some of its commission will be added to the Dashboard of your Affiliate Program. Similarly, you can earn money by doing Affiliate Marketing.

2. Refer and Earn

This is also a right way to earn money from reels, even if you have very few followers, you can still earn good money by using it.

In the same way, you can also find a similar good application and make a video and give a refer link to that application, after that whoever downloads the application from your link, then you and the one who downloads the application will get some money. (Learn to earn money by referring mobile application)

3. Sponsorships

Most of the people who are earning money from Instagram are able to earn money only with the help of sponsorships. For those who have active followers on their Instagram page, the agency brings some brands.

Then you are asked to make a promotional video about the same brand or any product, then you are given money to make that video. Money is given according to the audience of your Instagram page.

4. Barter Collaboration

This is also a kind of sponsorship but you are not given money in this [but it also depends on the brand whether they give you money for that promotion or not] when any brand will choose you for its promotion.

So only he will send his product to you and it will be said that you make a video about that product and use or keep that product yourself.

This type of barter collaboration is seen on new Instagram pages.

5. Paid Stories or Paid Post

If you have recently grown your page, then you must have also received some such messages that you can add about my Instagram page to your Insta Story or Instagram Post, I will also give you money for it.

Those who have created their new pages, often those people do the same, by doing this Instantly Audience also goes to their new page. And in this way you can also earn some money.

You can also charge 1000 dollars from people for doing an Instagram story or post.

6. Sell Your Course

You must have been hearing this word a lot since the time of lockdown, “Paid Course” Nowadays everything is happening online. If someone wants to read something or learn any skill, all these works are being done online.

So in the same way, if you have also created a course, then you can sell it through Instagram, although some people take the help of FB Ads or Instagram Ads to sell their course.

If you do not have the money to invest on these ads, then on whatever niche you have created a video course, first make an Instagram page on the same niche, when you get a good follower on it, then you can tell people about your course there. Telling you can sell that course.

7. Sell Your Ebook

Even though this is the time of videos, that is, if someone wants any information, then they watch the video, but still there are some people who still like to get information through text content.

So if your writing skill is good then you can launch your own Ebook and also sell it through Instagram. To promote your Ebook on Instagram, you just have to make Reels Video and in this way you can promote your Ebook for free by investing 0 dollars.


So friends, this was the complete information about earning money from Instagram Reels, if you have some suggestions, then you can tell me by writing in the comment box below or if you want any other information about Instagram, then you can tell by commenting. .

I hope that you must have liked this article of ours and I also hope that all the people who are making Instagram page will grow the page and they will be able to start earning money by using these methods.


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